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Strawberry Junetini Cocktail Cooler 12oz Bottle

Juneteenth Commemorative Debut Bottle

Limited Edition

Juneteenth Commemorative Premiere Bottle

Our special limited edition Strawberry Junetini Cocktail Cooler design was inspired by the creativity of artist Amiri Farris. His Juneteenth design was precisely in line with our vision for a vivid portrayal meant to honor our ancestors’ release from the bondage of slavery. Amiri’s artwork is a celebration of that freedom as we debut our new product and at the same time, pay tribute to our new federal holiday: Juneteenth! 

Celebrate Freedom, Celebrate Juneteenth!

Courtesy of Amiri Farris

About Amiri Farris

Amiri Geuka Farris (M.F.A., painting, 2006; B.F.A., illustration, 1997) is a contemporary artist whose wide range of work encompasses painting, drawing, video, performance and installation. Farris’ art is full of intimate personal experiences, and his art examines issues such as diaspora, culture, memory and perception. Farris’ work has been featured in more than 50 solo and juried exhibitions worldwide, including Washington, D.C. When asked about his inspiration, Farris says, “I like to see artwork that will take one medium and use it to do something else. Artwork that is bold, expressive and completely different.” 

"As an artist I believe in collaboration and I have worked with notable companies to create unique works of arts celebrating their brands."

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