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Established in 2020, Junetini LLC embarked on a journey with a clear vision. From the outset, we recognized the transformative power of our Junetini Strawberry Cocktail Cooler, crafted with a distinct blend of premium ingredients, promising a significant impact on our customers.

Our commitment extends beyond the exceptional beverage we offer. At Junetini LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch Cocktail Coolers to the Atlanta, Georgia area. We set out with a passion for excellence, a driving force that continues to shape our journey today.


For further details, explore our website, browse our online store, shoot us an email, or simply give us a call – we eagerly await your connection.

Join us in commemorating freedom and celebrating Juneteenth with our latest creation, the Strawberry Junetini Cocktail Cooler!

Remember to indulge responsibly and celebrate with mindfulness. Cheers!

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Our Mission

At Junetini LLC, our goal is to make top-notch goods and provide exemplary service that goes above and beyond what customers anticipate. This will be done in a setting that encourages our members' personal development as well as the ongoing innovation and improvement of our products.


We'll be a preferred employer. We achieve this by ensuring that each person can bring their complete selves to work each and every day and by offering meaningful work, rewards, perks, and adherence to our values. This demonstrates that diversity and inclusion are not simply concepts; they are also manifested in our daily behavior. 

Our Core Values

Junetini LLC is dedicated to creating an environment in which everyone is respected, recognized, and appreciated for their contributions. Our Core Values serve as the foundation for a strong and cohesive work culture.

Working Together

To accomplish company goals, we cooperate, communicate, and work together. Every contact is respectful, truthful, and open.


Pride & Ownership

We are responsible for the quality of our products and the level of service we provide. We believe our work has an impact and are proud of what we do.


Integrity & Accountability

We place a high value on acting honorably toward one another and our customers. We take ownership of our contributions, actions, and development.


Positive Environment

When communicating with one another, we presume good intentions. We have an open mind, we listen, and we provide constructive criticism to improve interactions, services, and goods.


Equity & Inclusion

We welcome as well as celebrate people from all backgrounds, and we are dedicated to equitable policies and opportunities for advancement across our workforce.

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