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Vice President- Shawn Hutton

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Junetini LLC -Vice President
Shawn Hutton- Vice President

Shawn Hutton is a veteran of the United States Navy, who was awarded the Dessert Storm and Persian Gulf War Medal.

Shawn has five years of experience in sales management and three years in event planning for the Black Entrepreneur Associations in Seattle.

For ten years, Shawn was the program manager with Y.T.F Group Home, then worked as a Mental Health Technician at the Department of Veterans Affairs for thirteen years before taking on the role of CEO at Basic Threadz Clothing Company - where he's been building the brand for more than six years now.

Shawn joins Junetini LLC to assume his new role as Executive Vice President and will also manage our Sales and Marketing Division.

Junetini LLC
Junetini LLC

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