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Meet the CFO Junetini LLC

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Michael Quick - CFO
Michael Quick - CFO

Michael Quick, MBA, is Junetini LLC's new CFO, bringing 12+ years of experience as an astute credit and collections professional with an ability to augment cash flow and elevate operational processes via well-crafted strategic planning and stellar project leadership.

His history of resourceful performance in busy, high-volume and complicated financial transactions has been followed by adept standardization, reinvigoration and optimization of multimillion-dollar global businesses. In addition, he is a successful problem solver who is adept at achieving positive results while shielding both company profits and customer relationships.

His knack for meticulous data gathering and examination of performance indicators, in combination with his acumen for discovering issues and raising service levels, make him a world-class service provider. Michael has an illustrious track record of effectuating positive changes in subpar departments and turning them into top-notch teams.

Junetini LLC is very excited to have Michael as our CFO as he will provided the financial insight to keep Junetini on a sound and solid path.

Junetini LLC
Junetini LLC

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