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Director Of Business Development Junetini LLC

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Sonja Griffin - Business Development Manager
Sonja Griffin - Business Development Manager

Sonja Griffin is an experienced Business Development Director with a Bachelor's degree in business administration from Chicago State University. She specializes in increasing revenues, expanding businesses, and maximizing profits through building strong partnerships and making wise business decisions.

Sonja’s key elements of business development are Customers, Markets, and Relationships. As a Business Development Director she knows that developing successful companies starts with having the right connections and she prides herself on identifying new opportunities to increase her organization's market share.

Her experience includes looking for new markets, partnering with established entities to extend market reach, analyzing customer needs to determine appropriate product/service offerings, and continually assessing strategies for maintaining competitive edge. With her expertise, Sonja is always on the lookout for potential opportunities to grow the business by creating long-term relationships and strategically identifying growth options.

Junetini LLC
Junetini LLC

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